Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Initial Advice/Disclaimers

This blog might get read by my parents and that's it. It'll be a shame. After years of pounding the surf, slipping in the rivers, and driving by the wealthy duck clubs, I've accumulated some information that has made me mostly successful at shooting at ducks, and occassionally, bringing some to the game bag.

Many people will find this blog by searching "North Carolina Duck Hunting". I hope those fortunate enough to do so take the advice to heart. I've wanted to build this site for several years, but I don't think that I was quite ready to outfit the unfit. My best advice, though, is to hire a guide. Hire one before you ever go out in a boat with even your closest of friends. Odds are, you'll save money. In all honesty, few of us have the time to match the money we will eventually invest into the sport. Guides will put you on ducks, if the ducks are around. Generally speaking, the second best option is to lease an impoundment or join a duck club. For those to ignorant to heed my warning, buy your self a boat, some decoys, a mojo of course, and last but not least, a GPS...

Updates occur randomly. If this blog upsets a reader, that reader's best option is to quit reading or start their own, better blog. I seriously doubt that I will ever accumulate sponsors, either. I just want followers. So follow the blog and tell your friends to follow it. I'm a good writer with even better opinions. It's worth your time.

Other warnings: (1) I'll never, ever tell you where I am shooting ducks, so don't ask. (2) If I do tell you where I killed ducks, odds are I killed both of them, so there's no need to go anyway. (3) If I know you as a follower and I learn that you are breaking or attempting to break a game law, I will report you. I know most of the game wardens in this area and I like them. In fact, they probably already know you're thinking about breaking a law. I can outrun all of them, save for one. And if I can't outrun them, rest assured that you can't. (4) If you read this blog and in the aftermath perform as a fool on public waters, I will revoke your privileges somehow. Acting a fool includes, but is not limited to: blowing your kazoo, riding through the decoys 20 minutes either side of legal shooting time, skybusting, goose calling at cormorants, and taking your sweet-ass time at the boat ramp. And finally, (5) Never, ever, ever tell me a mallard is the best duck.

Enjoy your reading...

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