Friday, January 27, 2012

Last Day's Eve

Tomorrow is the last day of the General North Carolina Waterfowl Season. For a few days afterward, one can chase sea ducks in the sea duck zone. There's also a few days in the Conservation Order for snow geese. But for all intents and purposes, this one is done.

This season will go down as one that lacked cold weather and birds, but was plentiful on new hunters and new laws. I love that so many people are duck hunting...but only if they are doing so while supporting local conservation organizations, and an occasional large one, such as Delta. I only like them if they are buying two waterfowl stamps, as that is the best investment a duck hunter can make for birds.

But I'm going to sleep right now to prepare for tomorrow. Let's hope that tomorrow is the best day of our worst season.

When you're done, put away your decoys neatly. The heat of the summer will warp them if stacked. Wash your boat, and then put some fuel treatment in the tank. You know you won't drive it for at least a month, unless the rockfish really get rolling. Hang up your waders and let them drain and dry. Nine month old water stinks. Reintroduce yourself to your wife or significant other. Eat some of those ducks you killed. Consider trying that bufflehead that you inevitably throw out each year. After you eat it, you'll promise yourself not to ever shoot another one, I promise. Clean out your truck, too. Dorito's start to smell disgusting after a month. Sleep an extra hour in the mornings, and go to bed an hour later. You'll love it. But tomorrow, shoot responsibly. On youth day, take a kid. I dare you.

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