Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ducks and Politics

Ducks and politics don't mix well. Understand these inherent truths:

 Liberals want to control guns. Guns kill wildlife. Killing wildlife is a good management practice.

Republicans want to cut taxes that go to conserving wetlands. Duck Hunters are overwhelmingly republican.

Neither party will support an increase in the cost of a federal waterfowl stamp. Hunters have a right to choose whether they buy a stamp or not. Thinking the cost of the stamp is fair now eliminates my choice as a hunter and the opportunity to conserve more wetland.

Liberals are environmentalists. They believe hunting is not environmentally sound. Science says it is. Liberals love science because it's not religion.

Hunting on Sunday should be a choice and a freedom. It's not. Freedom isn't supported by either party.

Liberals like lots of regulations. Duck hunters, most of which are republican, break these regulations. Does this make law-abiding hunters liberals?

Waterfowl conservation organizations will not support a candidate...it would polarize their "constituency". Instead, they lobby. Which is smarter...controlling policy before or after elections? Which is more efficient with the money I donate?

Most bird watchers, historically, seem to be liberal. If they love wildlife so much, shouldn't they be required to buy a federal stamp, too? Or does that disrupt the current discrimination in place of hunters. Hunters must pay their way for liberal birders. Hunters (conservatives) have to find the irony in providing environmental entitlements to the opposition...

Before you vote for a candidate, find out if he/she is a hunter. They'll know how you see the world, whether they a democrat, republican, conservative, liberal, extremist, radical, or whatever political theory you ascribe to. Just don't let someone else make the decision for you. Do your own research. As a North Carolina duck hunter, you should have the liberty and freedom to do your on research and not let it be affected by what's printed or spoken by anyone else...

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