Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Weird Duck Club Rules

Norht Carolina has a long history of large and important duck clubs. The Whalehead, Piney Island, Pilentary and Pellitory, Gooseville, and Pea Island Club are some of the most recognizable and historic. Many are relics and serve only in the intangible world of a bygone era, while some perpetuate and flourish with extravagant club houses and entry fees. The newer model of North Carolina duck clubs are built around stellar impoundments and less around open water. Impoundments offer gentleman-style hunts with little effort and lots of ducks. Usually. And while California and the Mississippi River Delta are probably home to more ducks and duck clubs that North Carolina, one must not forget to consider the sizeable totals of informal and loosely organized duck clubs that are shared and operated by groups of friends with little more than a couple of boats and a meager spread of decoys.

Obviously, most of us will fall in to the very last category. My "club" has several names in fact. We don't have a governing body, other than me, since 95% of the stuff is mine! But still, I like to share my stuff and time with those who appreciate it and who promise to dress the ducks and wash the boat on occasion. We have some rules, but there are many other informal clubs with some interesting are some:

1) One club allows ladies to shoot first always
2) Many clubs limit shooting to only a few days a week
3) Some have a "no hens" policy, while some have a "no women" policy
4) I know of one that has a "no men" policy!
5) There's a few that prohibits sleeping in
6) Some require members to wear facepaint
7) Many require a youth hunt in their "charter"
8) "No Dogs" rules are always fun
9) I've heard of one that prohibits members to deer hunt, which I think is awesome
10) Many require a cut-off time for shooting
11) Most require work days for their members
12) Some clubs, including mine have a "Do Not Call" list...which is very important
13) Multiple Guest rules are always interesting...only if these people can keep their lips shut
14) A tradition of ours...all guests have to stay the night before with us for "evaluation"...nobody just shows up at the ramp.
15) And one more tradition of hours...never purposely shoot a merganser...

Anyway, having your own little club can be's the foundation for tradition and revelry and rules always make things fun and fair...

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