Thursday, March 15, 2012

More thoughts on radical ideas...

I got some interesting feedback, including the comments. Some more of my thoughts...

On wheat: Wheat is a "nestable" crop and therefore, is better than corn.

On Snow Geese: Unfortunately, snow geese will have to experience a bit of natural selection, in my opinion, to reduce their numbers. Extended hunting seasons are only expediting their flight back to the breeding grounds. Therefore, they are their longer and destroying the places over a longer period of time. Eliminating the conservation order will have little do with the population, just as it's implementation didn't. However, hunting the nesting ground would produce real results. Permit a few guides to work those hunts, and have no bag limit. Few will take the opportunity, and no one will want more than 1000 dead snows. Just don't shoot the blues :)

On Wind Farms...this was only a suggestion I had kept hearing. To me, there has to be a way for birds to avoid them. The farmers wouldn't mind keeping the birds out of their wheat or wind farm. I think birds would stay away, anyway.

On $100 Federal me the USFWS benefits and can protect all of that federal land better in the Dakotas. I'd also like to see a Game Warden Program that were waterfowl specialists. Too many can't identify a gadwall. Those positions would be funded through this program. Probably not cost efficient, though.

Sinkboxes: I just want to be able to operate one. They'd be highly regulated and I would WANT guides to benefit. It might prevent guides from building impoundments, so that natural feeding and migratory patterns would return.

I'll do this again soon...I've got lots of crazy things!

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